Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last 5 Runs

OK - Let's see if this works. Below is supposed to be my last 5 runs. As you can see by the jagged lines, I'm still walking some. I thought I really had a breakthrough last week, but the heat came back. All week I've run after 8pm, tonight was 85 and humid at 8:15pm...ugh... I really don't like running so late but it's too hot!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

2 1/2 miles without stopping!

Just had to share my mini-feat today. I can now run 2 1/2 miles without walking. YAY! Pretty soon I'll be able to do 3, then I can start adding mileage. It wasn't tiredness limiting me, my feet were pretty much dragging due to tight achilles there at the end. A couple minutes of walking loosened them back up and I was able to run the rest of my 3 mile loop.

The bummer is my weight is being stubborn and not budging. Grrrrrr... I must be adding muscle! (hmmmmm....)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Carmindy Giveaway

Go check out the Soap Bar blog - they are having a contest! Leave a comment on your beauty routine and you are entered to win a book, tell them I sent you and **I will get extra entries**! So if you want to know what I said, visit the blog and read the comments!

Here is a description in the promo material:

In GET POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL, makeup artist Carmindy, from TLC’s hit shot What Not to Wear shows you how to change your mindset from negative fault-finding to a positive beauty philosophy. You learn how to find and focus on your best features and how to combat negative thoughts about your appearance. Carmindy demonstrates easy makeup techniques for the eyes, brows, lips, cheeks, and skin, and how to adapt looks to different weather conditions and “beauty
moods.” Completely unique,
GET POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL mixes self-help and makeup how-to in this total beauty book.

Contest ends Monday - good luck!